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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ok, this game is just great to me, I love this Papers Please-ish style of decision making that makes you really think about small choices.
First off, interface is easy to get around, nothing to change there. Music, sound and art style are both great in my opinion and blend very well.
Spells are generally pretty good and can be a fun read sometimes, my only concern is that their effects can be too unambiguous at times, for example, the power to make anything spontaneously combust is undoubtedly asking for trouble, and hey, maybe I want that, but I feel as the game progresses I should be expected to read into things more as the cost and benefit of spells gets harder to asses immediately.
Finally, this game is BEGGING for more depth in terms of the "spell stats" system. Why just crime and happiness? what about employment? poverty? hell, political stability? You could easily bunch these under the umbrella term of "happiness," but I just feel like choosing between crime or happiness is unchallenging and not quite as empowering.
Hope that's not too much to take in, keep up the awesome work, my friend!

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